Malaysian style breakfast set for only RM8.88 @ Papparich Malaysia

Rise and Shine! with Papparich Malaysia!

One Main Course and One Drink for only RM8.88

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

Papparich has always been well known for its local Malaysian delight and as a Malaysian, you know we all love foods. From Chinese to Malay to Indian foods, we have really a lot of choices for our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

papparich breakfast set promotion rm8.88

At Papparich, for only RM 8.88, you have 5 options for main course which also comes with a drink of your own choice. You have the option to go for Malaysian all time breakfast favourite ‘Nasi Lemak’, Bread and Half Boiled Eggs for typical Chinese breakfast style, or perk up your tummy with the king of breakfast – Porridge, or even go for Springy Noodles if you love noodle!

Here’s the Main course for Papparich Breakfast Set Promotion:

1) Nasi Lemak Biasa

Malaysian all time favourite! You can call it the unofficial national dish of Malaysia? Well, we don’t know for sure but all we do know this one features fluffy coconut infused rice, fried anchovies & peanuts for crunch, boiled egg and fresh cucumber slices, is a dish that all Malaysian should know!

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

2) Roti Stim with Butter + Kaya with Half-Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)

Soft and light roti complemented with a generous helping of butter and kaya fits the bill! Just to make things better, this set also comes with perfectly half boiled eggs.

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

3) Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya with Half Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)

Two slices of our well-toasted, fluffy roti. Coated with a generous spread of Kaya and a right touch of rich buttery finish, two is never quite enough.

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

4) Mini Porridge

In Papparich, they believe a bowl of porridge is like a warm comforting hug…what’s not to love especially when it’s oil free and low in calories! Ideal when you’re craving for some comfort food minus the guilt.

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

5) Springy Noodles with Fish Cake Slices

Just perfect as your appetite saviour for Morning blues! Warm up with a soothing bowl of delicious broth of springy noodles with toothsome fishcake slices and a sunny side up.

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

And of course, all main course comes with a drink you can choose from:

  • Coffee (Hot/Iced)
  • Cham (Hot/Iced)
  • Teh Tarik (Hot)
  • Teh (Iced)

Each breakfast set is valid during weekdays (excluding public holidays) from opening till 11.a.m. This breakfast set promotion is available across all Papparich outlets in Malaysia.

Papparich New Lifestyle Concept @ 8 Kinrara Puchong Outlet

papparich malaysia breakfast set promotion rm8.8.

I like Papparich new branding which makes the place now looks more trendy and also having a better aura in the restaurant.

papparich malaysia 8 kinrara puchong

If you’re around Puchong, don’t forget to check out Papparich New Lifestyle Concept at their new opening outlet @ 8 Kinrara, just right next to LRT Bandar Kinrara and Giant Hypermarket.

If you love to know more about what other dishes Papparich serves, you can read more here:

Malaysian Local Delights All in @ Papparich

And don’t forget to follow Papparich Facebook @Papparich and Instagram for instant update of their promotion!


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