Indiway – Hangang River Ferry Evening Cruise with Banpo Rainbow Bridge

Hangang River Cruise with Banpo Rainbow Bridge

hangang river cruise everland banpo rainbow fountain bridge

I’ve always wanted to see Banpo Rainbow Bridge since my last few trips to Seoul but the last time I made it there, the rainbow fountain is not playing due to bad weather condition, it was kinda disappointing because it wasn’t easy to get to the bridge via subway, it’s a long walk from the nearest station Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7, 9), Exit 8-1.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain operates every day from April to October, four to six times a day for 20 minutes.

hangang river cruise everland banpo rainbow fountain bridge

So you know you have the only chance to see this spectacular dancing fountain bridge only on this period of the year, do not missed the chance if you’re visiting Seoul between April and October, and taking the cruise is probably one of the best way to do it!

All you have to do is go to Han River and board the cruise.

Book your ticket in advance at Indiway –

You will received this map after you made your booking with Funtastic Korea:

Funtastic Korea Hangang River Cruise Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge

It’s really easy to get to the ticket booth from Yeoui Naru Station, but make sure you get to the correct ticket booth, remember to get there EARLIER, do not worried if you got there early because there’s so much fun to have at Hangang Park!

The Schedule and Price for Hangang Eland River Cruise:

Theme Day Depart Arrive Duration Adult (10% Off) Child (10% Off)
Music Cruise Mon-Fri, Sun 19:30 20:40 70min ₩22,500 ₩17,500
Music Cruise with fireworks Sat 19:30 20:40 70min ₩31,500 ₩22,050
Moonlight Cruise Sun 20:00 20:40 40min ₩17,100 ₩13,300
Moonlight Cruise Sat & Sun 22:00 22:40 40min ₩17,100 ₩13,300

If you choose to have the Music Cruise, you will enjoy a music live band when you’re on your return route.

hangang river cruise everland banpo rainbow fountain bridge

It’s really an amazing water fountain that flown over the bridge just like a magic show!

Wanna surprise your precious person with a fancy night in Seoul? 🙂

This cruise is one for you then. Definitely the most luxurious way to enjoy night time skyline of Seoul seeing every famous landmarks at once with live music in the back. Remember just one thing, don’t miss the Rainbow Fountain show!

*The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain Show opens yearly from Apr 1 to Oct 30 and is operated by Hangang Business Organization, not the cruise company. The fountain is subjected to schedule/operational changes without prior notice and may be canceled anytime depending on weather conditions.

Go to the top deck for better view once you board the cruise, get a sit if you managed to get one because it’s quite limited or chillax beside the handrail, it’s an awesome experience as the wind blowing.

You can book your river cruise ticket with Indiway here –

*Always remember to bring your passport when you’re taking the river cruise, you will need to fill up an embarkation form before you redeem your tickets!


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