GoBear tells you BEST Credit Cards in Malaysia!

Comparison Made Easy with GoBear

GoBear Best Credit Cards Personal Loan

When it comes to applying credit cards, I’m always the ‘housewife’ type that often look for the credit cards with best benefits! I’m the person that couldn’t survive without credit cards, not to say I like to use ‘credit’ money, but the amount of cashback I received every month can sums up to RM 100-200, you probably don’t know yet but paying your monthly utilities bills will earns you a lot of cashback. So if you were to ask, how GoBear Malaysia tells me which is the best credit card, then keep scrolling down!

How does GoBear Malaysia works?

Visit GoBear Malaysia website, first thing you see on the homepage is as follow:

GoBear Best Credit Cards Personal Loan

Choose the category whether you would like to be rewarded with cashback or air miles, follow by the amount you will be spending on shopping, let’s say grocery shopping, travel or dining etc, you can add more spending category or reduce the category up to your monthly expenses. Click on OK, Let’s Go! and you will be redirect to another page of surprise list!

GoBear Best Credit Cards Personal Loan

The list of credit cards are really long, it’s not only display one credit card from one bank, but all the credit cards products under the same bank will be displaying on GoBear comparison page. It’s sorted according to the amount of cashback you will be receiving per year from high to low.

Being confused by too many credit cards? GoBear make the comparison for you!

On the list of credit cards page, you can select up to 4 credit cards of your preference to make the comparison.

GoBear Best Credit Cards Personal Loan

Once you’ve selected the 4 credit cards, click on Compare Now button and you will be lead to another page with full details of the credit cards.

GoBear Best Credit Cards Personal Loan

I like how the way GoBear put in the cashback you will be earning per year, this is something that you won’t realized unless you start calculating all the cashback you received each month on your credit card statement. GoBear even tells you what promotion each credit card is running currently.

What we love category is exactly what I love. xD

It tells you how much cashback you will be earning for each spending and how much is the cap of the cashback, the cashback cap is definitely something that credit card agent won’t tell you! Unless is unlimited cashback which they will advertise it big in your face.

GoBear compares NOT only Credit Card, they compare Travel Insurance and Personal Loans as well.

GoBear Best Credit Cards Personal Loan

GoBear is Free!

I personally find this is really a very informative website, the most important part is that the website operates the comparison for you for FREE!

Hit this link and try it today at GoBear Malaysia!


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