Juiceee serves fresh juice with affordable price!

Start your day with a Delectable Healthy Drinks and Bites with JUICEEE Malaysia

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

Juiceee is a Malaysia’s own home grown fresh juice brand that established in 2014 and they have expand their business to about 16 outlets across the nation in Klang Valley and more outlets coming soon in Melaka.

Healthy Fresh Juice + Delectable Sandwiches with Great Value.

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

“With the combine effort of a well verse experience team, Juiceee began its humble beginning to prepare and serve drinks that are absolutely delicious and healthy. The ideation of Juiceee is to offer a variety of tasty and healthy options to our customers whether as a sweet treat, healthy pick up from the counter or to fill meal replacements,” said Ryan Liang, Founder and Director of Juiceee Malaysia.

Juiceee Malaysia – Good Health for All

The idea behind Juiceee is to produce and serve healthy juices to the emerging healthy lifestyle these day. It’s a pain when you find that you finally want to live healthy but all the price tagged on the foods saying ZERO FAT, NATURAL etc are relatively expensive.

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

Ryan, Founder and Director of Juiceee added, “With Juiceee drink, every customer can enjoy and experience the natural and healthy taste at any time. Every healthy treat is served to meet every taste bud where every walk of life can enjoy and savor the refreshing taste of Juiceee drink.”

3Es Motto – Exquisite, Exclusive, Environment

The mission of Juiceee is to provide healthy fresh juice to everyone who are opting for a healthy diet, Juiceee began it’s exploration of creating juices from our very local rich tropical fruits and vegetables available in the market. They spend a lot of time of research and development and today they finally launching FIVE (5) new juice flavours!

1) Papaya Juice

I would say this is my no.1 favourite drink now! I’ve been always a fan of papaya milk juice and this is definitely a great savoury fresh juice!

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

2) Banana Milk Juice

My no.2 favourite drink! For people who loves banana…you should grab this juice that taste so bananananana!

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

3) Honeydew Milk Juice

This wasn’t my flavour because honeydew is not my thing >_< but it’s definitely a good call for those who love honeydew!

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

4) Mango Milk Juice

Mango juice! Do I have to say more? Generally all Malaysian loves Mango and this one 100% real mango taste!

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

5) Jack-fruit Milk Juice

Jack-fruit is certainly a local tropical fruit juice, you can rarely find jack-fruit juice out there especially the one that blend so perfect with milk!

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

Monday to Sunday All Day RM13.80 value meal!

For every Juiceee drink served, it is to entice the customer that a healthy treat is always affordable at all times! With Juiceee value meal, you get a fresh juice with a sandwich with just RM13.80, is such a great value as compared to Subway because you get a cup of real healthy fresh juice.

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

The Juiceee brand focus in creating fresh juices made from real fruits with NO ADDED SUGAR and NO ADDED WATER, it’s 100% juice and low-fat yoghurt ice cream. The brand revolves around by creating healthy drinks from the array of tropical fruits and vegetables and turning them into delectable healthy treats for every customer.

Juiceee Fresh Juice Cheap Juice Sandwiches

The brand tagline of ‘Good Health for All’ is about giving every customer the opportunity to experience natural and fresh fruits and vegetables with affordable price. TRY IT TODAY!

For more information and promotion, visit Juiceee Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram.


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