Sneaker and Shoes Cleaning Service by Aston White Premium Shoe Care

Shoe Care Made Easy by Aston White

Aston White Premium Shoe Care Shoe Cleaning Service

Laundry Service is quite common but ever heard of Shoes or Sneakers cleaning service? I’m not sure about you but this is definitely my first time knowing such convenient service!

What do Aston White offers?

Aston White is a premium shoe care service based in Kuala Lumpur and is an enthusiatic team aims to provide all sneakerhead in Malaysia the premium shoe care and cleaning service for varieties of shoes. They offers shoes cleaning service which means you can send your dirty shoes to them and they will clean it for you.

When you ask why do I need to send my shoes for cleaning service when I can clean it myself, you probably think that shoe cleaning is an easy job but I can tell you it’s NOT. If you’re a sneakerhead, you would understand to keep and sustain the life spam of beloved sneaker is the hardest job ever! Because different materials would required different cleaning method and if you don’t clean it the correct, the result is DAMAGE and there goes a pair of lovely sneaker.

Why Aston White?

Aston offers FREE doorstep pick up and delivery service within Klang Valley, yes, for FREE. You can schedule your pick up at anywhere around their service area or drop your shoes at their Puchong office, and they will also deliver your shoes back to your doorstep. All for one price RM59 only!

Aston White uses all top-range cleaning products in the market such as Jason Markk, Crep Protect and also advance technology apparatus such as ultrasonic cleaning devices. If you don’t know all this jargon brand names, is okay, all you need to know is that, shoe cleaning required not only cleanser and brush, from cleaning to drying, the whole process need to be taken care off in order to keep your shoes in good shape. No EXPOSE to sun especially, as heat may cause damages to your shoes!

One price for Cleaning, Antifungal Treatment and a Shoe Bag!


All my sneakers came back with a scent and I questioned what smell is that, is actually an antifungal treatment, Aston White team will send your shoes back with a free shoe bag as well! The shoe bag is really useful for those who always travel, you can easily pack them into your luggage bag.

Where can you get Aston White service?

It’s easy as schedule your pick up at Aston White website, try it today, hit this link here.

Aston White Premium Shoe Care Shoe Cleaning Service


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