Premium Moon Cake Gift Box by Yong Sheng Gift Shop

Premium Moon Cake Gift Box for Your Friends & Family

Yong Sheng Gift Shop Mooncakes Promotion Set

Yong Sheng Gift Shop by Yong Sheng Confectionary Sdn Bhd is a very well established brand, they start back in 1952 in Muar, Johor and today, Yong Sheng is one of the market leader of confectionery manufacturer in Malaysia. Yong Sheng specialize in premium quality pastry products, especially those pastries that most Malaysian grown up with such as Egg Yolk Pies, Wife Biscuits, Tambun Biscuits etc.

This coming Mid-Autumn festival, Yong Sheng brings you Premium Moon Cake Gift Box!

Other than all the pastry products, Yong Sheng has also been known as specialized in Wedding and Full Moon Gift Set as well. Hence, this coming Mid-Autumn Festival, if you’re looking for an affordable and nice premium gift box, you should definitely check out Yong Sheng.

Nuna in The Wonderland Moon Cake 努娜~梦幻之旅 (RM 78.80)

Yong Sheng Gift Shop Mooncakes Promotion Set

One of my favourite gift box is none other than this little pieces on the wonderland. The mini moon cake is very thoughtful as it all comes in bite size! I believe sometimes you will struggle when you feel like eating a moon cake but it’s too big to finish by yourself and this mini moon cake works precisely for one person!

A box of Nuna in the Wonderland Moon Cake consist of 8 mini moon cakes with 8 different flavours! There’s also Malaysians favourite Durian moon cake.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop Mooncakes Promotion Set

On top left is Fragrance Durian moon cake, next to it is Black Sesame moon cake and bottom left is the Strawberry moon cake and lastly the pretty colourful moon cake is Acacia Red Bean moon cake.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop Mooncakes Promotion Set

Top left purplish moon cake is one of my favourite Yam moon cake! Next to it is all time favourite Uji Matcha moon cake and at the bottom left is for Chocolate lover, the Amazing Chocolate moon cake and lastly is Malaysian favourite – the Mango moon cake.

All the mini moon cakes are really pretty and colourful and it’s really suitable to send out as a premium gift for your friends and family.

Mix & Match Moon Cakes comes with Premium Gift Box

For any 4 moon cakes that you’ve purchased, you will get a premium gift box.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop Mooncakes Promotion Set

These are the four flavours that I got:

On the top left is a very special flavour – Nyonya Delight (RM 20.80) moon cake, it’s a very special flavour in the mix of sambal paste together with nyonya spice and lotus paste. Next to it is Sunrise Horizon (RM 22.80) moon cake, sunrise horizon moon cake is made up of chestnut lotus paste with black sesame paste and pine nut as well as sugar free isomalt.

Yong Sheng Gift Shop Mooncakes Promotion Set

Moving on, on the bottom left is Peach Blossom (RM 20.80) moon cake, peach blossom moon cake is really special as it has 3 different layers of ingredients which are pandan paste, coconut paste and collagen, the colour of the moon cake looks pretty and when you cut it into pieces, you will see the pandan and coconut layers. Last but not least, on the bottom right is Cherry Blossom (RM 19.80) moon cake, cherry blossom moon cake is Yong Sheng Best Seller, it has more than 3 ingredients, it’s double the normal ingredients we have in all the other moon cake. It has lotus paste, almond, melon seed, red bean paste, plum paste and crystal cranberry, and believe me, it does taste like a cherry blossom! =D

Where to get Yong Sheng’s Moon Cake Gift Box?

To date, Yong Sheng have 12 branches across the nation which are located respectively in Klang, Subang Jaya, Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Skudai and Johor Bahru.

Check out Yong Sheng’s moon cakes for this coming Lantern Festivals at their outlets across the nation here: Yong Sheng Outlets

or You can purchase Yong Sheng’s moon cakes at their website here: Yong Sheng Website

Please make sure you place your order before 25th September 2017 to ensure that you will receive the gift box before Mid-Autumn Festival.


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