Drink Healthy & Eat Healthy with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

Diamond Coral 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser

Whether you believe it or not, water plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. Drinking clean and clear water may helps to prevent you from diseases and increase your antibody. There is a reason why certain country are struggling with clean water, especially third world country, when water pollution is bad, you basically can’t drink any water flow on the river. There is also a reason why in certain country, you can just drink the water from the tap.

What about Malaysia? Do we have clean water?

As according to Syabas, most of our water supply are clean and safe to drink, no doubt the treated water from Syabas are safe to drink, but what really makes it bad is when the water flow through several iron pipes to reach to your home tap, some may result it yellowish water from the tap.

Why Diamond Coral Alkaline Water?

Diamond Coral 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser

You probably ask why Diamond Coral and not the other Water Filter. What makes Diamond Coral special?  Their NCA Coral Alkaline Water Technology which has 3 main processes like purification, mineralization, magnetization, and with its 18 treatments which produces Coral Alkaline Water that truly beneficial for our health!

The filter can be install easily at your kitchen desk next to your basin:

You can also clean the filter bar easily at home!

Whenever you feel that the water tap is running low, simply open the water filter bar and clean it, it’s that EASY!

Step 1: Open up the filter.

Step 2: Brush off the dirt.

Diamond Coral 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser

Don’t be scared by the dirt, and yes these dirt can only be seen on filter, can you imagine if without this filter, this dirt will be in your stomach!

How does Diamond Coral Alkaline Water helps you?

Whether you believe or not, drinking good quality of water not only helps in maintaining good health, for those who have constipation, try drinking 8 to 10 glasses of Diamond Coral Alkaline Water everyday and you may start to feel the difference.

What makes this Alkaline Water more irresistible?

It can be super beneficial for those who always spend a lot of money on skincare! Isn’t it cool if you can just use normal tap water from your home to replace your toner and also it can be use to replace mask as well!

Apart from drinking drinking clean water from hygiene source, the pH level of the water is also very crucial. Most of the studies have proven that our body works and function better when we drink more alkaline water and it may also lower the risk of diseases and at the same time, drinking alkaline water may improve our body stamina as well.

Diamond Coral WaterBar – The 3 Seconds Magic Instant Warm Water Dispenser

What sets the difference between Diamond Coral WaterBar and our traditional water dispenser is the Magic 3 Seconds that help us produces warm and hot water. Our traditional water dispenser uses the technology of ‘reheat’, but when you reheat the water repetitively over the time, it may start to produce harmful chemicals such as nitrite and manganese.

Diamond Coral 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser

The 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser is really useful, it uses a whole new heat technology which minimized the boiling time so you may turn off the power when you don’t need hot water and turn it on whenever you need it! It dispense Hot Water and Warm Water as instant as in just 3 seconds!

Register for Diamond Coral WaterBar – 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser 7-days FREE Trial today!

OR 60-Days Free Trial Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.

To find out more, kindly visit:

Website: www.diamondcoral.com

Diamond Coral Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiamondRefined


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