A stay at Hotel Maui DDM @ Sinseol-dong/Dongmyo

Enjoy Hawaii in Seoul @ Hotel Maui DDM

Hotel Maui DDM Dongmyo Sinseol-dong Seoul

Hotel Maui DDM is located in the heart of Dongdaemun, easily access through 2 subway station Dongmyo and Sinseol-dong Station. It’s one of the best budget hotel or I would say a 5 star guesthouse in Seoul, it’s not a big hotel but it has what a traveler needs.

Hotel Maui DDM Twin Room

The twin room is really spacious, both of us with 1 big suitcase and 1 small suitcase can easily fit in the room, even with 2 big suitcase is still fine. More importantly, the hotel has a LIFT/ELEVATOR! So you don’t have to worry if you have to carry heavy big suitcase to your room via staircases.

Hotel Maui DDM Dongmyo Sinseol-dong Seoul

All rooms at Hotel Maui DDM is private room comes with a private toilet/bathroom. The bathroom also has all the necessary toiletries such as a Shampoo, a conditioner and a body shampoo, they provides towel as well.

Hotel Maui DDM Dongmyo Sinseol-dong Seoul

Hotel Maui DDM Services

Staying in Hotel Maui DDM, you will find the staff and manager are really friendly and helpful. They will help you with anything even ordering foods from outside or food delivery.

Hotel Maui DDM provides FREE BREAKFAST from 9am to 10am, personally thinks the breakfast timing is a little off but the neighbourhood is really busy and happening with lots of restaurants around. You can have boiled eggs, toast bread with butter and jam and coffee for the free breakfast.

How to get to Hotel Maui DDM:

There are 2 stations equally near to the hotel, Dongmyo Station and Sinseol-dong Station. Both station has an equal walking distance to the hotel as the hotel is located in the alley in the between this 2 stations. If you’re heading to the hotel from airport with your luggage, I would suggest to take the subway to Sinseol-dong station as there are elevator up to the road level.

Getting to Hotel Maui DDM via Sinseol-dong Station

Recommend first time visitor to go to Sinseol-dong station as the station has evelvator ad it’s much more easy to navigate. This chart below teaches you how to get to Hotel Maui DDM via Sinseol-dong station.

Hotel Maui DDM Dongmyo Sinseol-dong Seoul

Dongmyo Folk Flea Market (Dongmyo Station Exit #2)

If you watched Infinite Challenge Music Festival in 2013, you will definitely be familiar with this place called Dongmyo which Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon visited in one of the episode and they re-filmed GD’s crooked at this Flea Market. So from Dongmyo Station Exit #2, coming out from from the stairs, make a u-turn you will see this flea market right next to the exit, continue straight and you will see this cubic wall on your right and there will be a small alley after around 50m, that alley is where they re-filmed crooked music video.

Bonus: BIGBANG FXXK IT filming location

It was a bonus when I was looking for one of BIGBANG FXXK IT Music Video filming location and it happen to be just 2 streets away from the hotel, coming out from the hotel, turn left to GS25, turn right, you will pass by this shop below:

Hotel Maui DDM Dongmyo Sinseol-dong Seoul

It’s name Taeyang Canteen if you can read Korean but this isn’t the filming location, walk further and make a left turn on the next crossroad, walk about 50m and you will see this filming location:

Hotel Maui DDM Dongmyo Sinseol-dong Seoul

So do remember to explore this place if you’re a die hard VIP like me! xD

For booking or reservation, please visit: www.facebook.com/HotelmauiDDM


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