South Korea 4G LTE SIM Card with Unlimited Data from Indiway

Discounter KT Unlimited 4G LTE Data SIM Card from Indiway

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea, and doesn’t wanna get lost connection with your friends & family, or you always wanna stay online updating your Facebook or Instagram, a top tip for fast data connection is to switch to South Korea Local SIM card.

4g lte south korea travel data sim card

Top Telco Provider in South Korea

There are three main telco providers in South Korea, namely SK Telecom, KT olleh and LG U+. Among the three main providers, only SK Telecom and KT olleh provide prepaid SIM card for foreigners. Generally, South Korea has a great signal all around the country. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re using SK Telecom or KT olleh, both telco has equally good coverage.

Data SIM card or WiFi Egg?

While renting a WiFi egg can do the equivalent and more cost effective when you travel in group, it can gets troublesome too when you and your travel buddy wanna split up especially when it comes to shopping in Myeongdong, it’s really a lot more convenient when you have your very own data SIM card.

4g lte south korea travel data sim card

Why book with Indiway?

If you think you can walk in to any convenient store and purchase a prepaid SIM card, there’s no such thing in South Korea, even the local need to register themselves whenever they purchase a SIM card. By making your reservation with Funtastic Korea, you can easily pick up your SIM card from Airport Counter without spending extra hour filling up paper work.

And What’s More? 10% discount with Indiway!

Get 10% discount when you reserve your Data Sim Card with Funtastic Korea, it’s really easy to make your reservation at the their website with the steps listed below.

✓ 5 days plan: ₩27,500 → 24,750 Korean won (10% OFF)/ per SIM card
✓ 10 days plan: ₩38,500 → 34,650 Korean won (10% OFF)/ per SIM card
✓ 30 days plan: ₩71,500 → 64,350 Korean Won (10% OFF)/ per SIM card

How to book your Data Sim Card?

Step 1 – Choose pickup point, date, number of SIM card and proceed to checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 – Check your Email Voucher.

Step 3 – Show the email and your passport to redeem your SIM CARD.
✓ Please bring your passport and the Voucher to redeem your SIM CARD
✓ Please test the SIM CARD carefully before you leave the airport.

Make sure you fill up the Name & Passport Number correctly as you will need to show your passport upon collection.

Funtastic Korea

NOTE: If you make a reservation under your name, you should be present to be able to pick up your SIM card.

*If you are from US, Canada, or Japan, make sure you check with your carrier before traveling to South Korea. You will need to unlocked your phone device or else the prepaid SIM card won’t be able to activate.

Easy Installation with English Manual

A manual in English or in Chinese upon request will be provided to you when you collect your SIM card from the counter, it’s really easy to install with both iPhone and Android instruction on the manual paper. But always remember to test your SIM card before you leave the airport.

4g lte south korea travel data sim card

Airport Sim Card Collection Counter Operation Time

– Incheon airport : 24 hours
– Gimpo airport : 7am – 11pm
– KT Office at Hongdae : 9am – 6pm
– Gimhae airport : 6am – 10pm
– Jeju airport : 9am – 7pm

Going to South Korea soon? Get your Unlimited 4G LTE Data SIM card now! Hit the link here:



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