Boat Noodle with New Menu Prosperity Yum (Tomyam Noodle)

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

Boat noodles, originated from Thailand, is a Thai style noodle dish which has a strong flavor. The concept of boat noodles is simple: bite-sized portions of either rice noodle (koay teow) or springy noodle with meat or tom yam soup are served up in equally tiny cute bowls. Riding on the Chinese New Year Celebration, the well-known Boat Noodles restaurant in Malaysia is introducing their very first tomyam soup base noodles namely Prosperity Yum!

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

Prosperity Yum Noodles (RM 1.99)

For all you people who loves Thai food especially Tomyam, you gotta look out for Boat Noodle new menu which is the Prosperity Yum. A new menu from Boat Noodle featuring Tomyam Soup Noodle with the price of only RM 1.99 per bowl, you get the choice of Chicken or Beef and the noodle choices of Rice Noodle or Springy Noodle of your own preference. The Tomyam soup base is undoubtedly up to par with any other Thai restaurant in Klang Valley and I would say is a must try in town!

My favourite – Rice Noodle with Beef

I really love the combination of the rice noodle with their tomyam soup, their rice noodle is different from the normal koay teow that we have out there, Boat Noodle version of rice noodle is thin and chewy and it really blends well with tomyam soup.

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

Springy Noodle for the Maggi Lover

If you prefer to have your tomyam with springy noodle, their springy noodle is similar to maggi and the springy noodle is well cooked, it doesn’t go soggy and just nice to have the chewy bite.

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

4 Condiments for the Perfect Tomyam

When you bowl of prosperity yum is served, get a sip of original taste, and start mixing the 4 condiments on your table for a really different tomyam taste. Each condiment you put in will have a different taste and if you really like hot & spicy tomyam like me, suggesting to put in a bit more of the chilly powder! No joke, it’s really poweerrrrr.

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

Thai Fried Chicken (RM 12.90)

With a lil mixed of herbs & spices that bring this Thai Fried Chicken to another level for all Fried Chicken lovers. No one would ever say no to this juicy crunchy crisp fried chicken with the fair price of RM12.90, you can share it with your friends or you can have it all yours!

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

Prosperity Yum paired – Mango Smoothie (RM 5.50)

Known as a great summer drink – Mango Smoothie, is the best paired with Boat Noodle hot & spicy Prosperity Yum! The drink is well-blended and it’s not too sweet, just right to be a thirst quencher.

Taste the Zing of Magic with Blue Butterfly (RM 5.50)

As much as I love their Mango Smoothie, this is another magic drink of the day by Boat Noodle! A colour twist with little squeeze of lime juice in the blue butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass drink which make it turn purple and it’s really a good refreshing drink especially when you’re having the spicy food like Prosperity Yum!

Wanna try it all? Go for the PROSPERITY KOMBO at only RM19.90!

With Boat Noodle prosperity kombo, you get to 6 bowls of happiness, 2 toppings (side dishes) and 1 drink, pretty good deal for your satisfaction!

Prosperity Yum by Boat Noodle

Check out Boat Noodle new menu today at your nearest outlet and bring along your family for the visit on this coming Chinese New Year to celebrate the Ong together with Boat Noodle Prosperity Yum!

Boat Noodle New Menu Tomyam

Visit their website for more information and Like their Facebook to stay updated with Boat Noodle Promotion:

Address: G-3-A , Empire Damansara , Jalan PJU 9/8 , Damansara Perdana , 47820 Petaling Jaya , Selangor.
Contact: 010-7683 525
Business hour: 10am – 10pm

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