Review: Gaston Luga – Perfect travel backpack with 15% discount

One backpack, for work & for travel.

Gaston Luga, a swedish designed backpack, with minimalist yet luxe & functional design, it got my heart flushed at the first sight!

Basic, Minimalist, go well with any style

Whether you’re looking for a backpack for work or travel or casual outing, Gaston Luga is the one choice for all. With a very trendy luxe design, it always look good for an instagrammable OOTD.

Spacious & Fashionable

Gaston Luga backpack is beautifully designed to fit the lifestyle of today, we need a big backpack that can fit as much things as we can, especially for tech savvy generation like us, we need our laptop or tablet wherever we go, doesn’t matter to office or to travel.

Gaston Luga backpack is spacious enough to fit in a 13″ laptop, tumblr, wallet, power bank and also a jacket which is all the things I can’t check in my luggage and have to bring on board.

What’s best is the backpack is suitable for a short trip as well, it can fit in up to 5 t-shirts, 1 long pant & 1 short pant, also I managed to fit in my skincare kits too!

For traveler, we always feel insecure to keep our passport whether in backpack or handbag, but with this mini pocket at the back of Gaston Luga, I can say, you can safety keep it in your backpack!

Still not convinced?

Not all backpack can have all of these features, but here’s 8 reasons why you should get a Gaston Luga:

• Versatile Design

• Spacious

• Durable

• Investment worthy

• Expandable hook closure

• Adjustable wide shoulder straps

• Has Inner compartments (can fit 15″ laptop and passport section)

• Anti klutz design (deep enough that your things don’t drop out even if you left it ‘unlock’)

Enjoy FREE shipping + 20% off + additional 15%

It is always FREE shipping usinh DHL Express kr Fedex when you purchase a Gaston Luga backpack from their website. And if you’re shipping it out of Europe country, the price will auto deduct a 20% (as a tax rebate) and on top of that, you may apply my unique discount code here <baztan15> for additional 15% off!!

Can’t wait to get your Gaston Luga backpack? Get one today at

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Instagram | @gastonluga


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