A Better Florist in Malaysia

When it comes to special events, such as Valentine’s Day, dates, anniversaries, birthdays, New Year’s and other wonderful celebrations, there’s always some kind of flowers involved. You are either on the receiving or the gifting end of it, but there’s no doubt that on whatever side you find yourself, there’s joy involved. You can’t get flowers without feeling anything. Flowers and feelings come together and create memories, which is why I tend to visit a florist every now and then. A Better Florist is one of my favourites in Malaysia. I often visit their Ipoh florist and their Penang florist, and every time I visit them I find something new that I like and have to take home with me.


A Better Florist makes wonderful bouquets for special occasions but also if you’re just feeling like you want gorgeous flowers. They offer the usual bouquets, floral arrangements in mason jars and wrapping and flower stands. But, the one thing that immediately sticks out is their talent for combining all different kinds of flowers and turning in them into a harmonious arrangement of inspiringly beautiful flowers. These beauties aren’t just popular as a KL flower delivery, they also sell the best flowers in Singapore and the best flowers in HK.


You’ve got two options for shopping, online or at their flower shop in JB, KL, Penang and all the various other locations. Whether it’s funeral flowers you need, hampers or fruit baskets, just go online. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to do your shopping, and if you go for some of the things that have already been prepared and designed, it can even get done faster. The efficiency of this service doesn’t end there. Whether it’s a baby hamper or a bouquet, you can have it delivered to your home, or wherever you need the flowers, in just 90 minutes, thanks to their express flower delivery. This is why they became so popular as a Hong Kong florist and an UAE florist, because there’s no flower shop out there that can cater to you so fast. In addition to this remarkable delivery, they have a same day delivery, which guarantees everyone who orders before 3pm, a free same day delivery.

A Better Florist, in my opinion, hits all of the most important points when it comes to a flower shop and a gift shop, and they do a fantastic job at maintain the best service possible. I have yet to find such a dedication from a florist, so until then, I’m sticking to A Better Florist, which I highly suggest all of you do too.


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