I’m Baz – Travel & Lifestyle Blogger



Hi, I’m Baz, with love from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the wanderlust wannabe! A part time travel blogger and food blogger. I do sponsored reviews and contra reviews as well, if you’re looking for blogger to review your service, restaurants or hostel or hotel, you can contact me at baz.tan@live.com, just write me an email and I’ll reply to your request.

I work in a creative agency, and I do freelance jobs for social media management as well as simple designs work such as brochure, bunting, hoarding, ads design.

I’ve never meant to start a travel blog, but since year 2011, I’ve been traveled to several places around Asia, and I have friends asking me for itinerary and information about places I’d been to, so I guess maybe I should start a travel blog to share all of my travel information.

I love planning itinerary, I’ve yet to travel alone yet, but I love planning itinerary, I can plan a future itinerary for anywhere in this world that I can travel to, but here I’m not sharing my pre-planned itinerary but my past itinerary or ‘improvised’ itinerary, I’ll give all of the necessary information you need to know for travelling to certain country, so cheers all you wanderlust wannabe! 😀


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