Kusadasi (Ephesus) – a small town along the Aegean coast in Turkey

Kuşadası is a popular package-tour destination and, as the coastal gateway to Ephesus, Turkey‘s busiest cruise port (roughly 30th worldwide). Lacking the sights and ambience of Bodrum and the size of Marmaris, it remains a runner-up on the Aegean party scene, but the Irish pubs, discos and multilingual touts certainly create a memorably ribald atmosphere….

Turkey + Greece 16D15N Travel Itinerary

Travelling to both Turkey & Greece for 16 days cost around RM8,000++ including international & domestic flight ticket. I got the flight deal for RM2,901 from Qatar Airway for multiple destination: Kuala Lumpur > Doha > Istanbul Athens > Doha > Kuala Lumpur 16th Nov 2015 – 1st Dec 2015 Indeed, it was a good…